Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

Conceiving Wastewater Treatment in 2020. Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

Water_2020 brings together leading professionals working on complementary areas of wastewater treatment (WWT) at Research Institutions, Industries and Water Agencies. The Action will tackle current challenges of WWT, which apart from generating high quality water and sludge, must incorporate issues as resource recovery, energy, odours, greenhouse gases, emerging contaminants, economical efficiency and social acceptance. The aim is to face innovation in wastewater treatment from a holistic point of view, in which technological, environmental, energetic, economic and social factors are included.

The network includes two Working Groups (WGs) dealing with the development of innovative technologies for the treatment of water, sludge and odours aiming at improving efficiency (WG1) and analysing the option of resource recovery (WG2). WG3 aims at assessing and minimizing the environmental and economic impacts of these processes. The main objective of WG 4 is to model and optimize WWTPs on a holistic and multidisciplinary basis.  

COST Action will provide the means to exchange information and knowledge among WGs through: A) WG meetings; B) Training Schools; C) Short Term Scientific Missions; D) Conferences and Workshops and D) Dissemination activities. The main deliverable will consist of a guidance for Water_2020 conception, design, upgrading and operation (book, DSS).


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