Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

Micropollutants in water E-course

This course is prepared to teach scientists/trainees on organic micropollutants in our water. It is organized in 12 modules and includes 5 case studies in parallel to the activities of COST Action Water_2020.


Each module has been prepared by collaboration of Water_2020 partners of the Joint TaskForce (JTF1) on Micropollutants and recalcitrant compounds (headed by Peter Schroeder, and co-lead by Giuseppe Mascolo).


The idea of this course was developed by Dr. Alette Langenhoff (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). 


Module Module title Authors
1 General introduction; What are micropollutants? Langenhoff, Škrbić, NĐurišić-Mladenović and Dvarioniene
2 Legislation in EU and EU member states (WFD, Reach) Dvarioniene, Vogelsang and Tsagarakis
3 Occurrence & fate of pharmaceuticals Analytical advances Škrbić, Mascolo, Dvarioniene, Vogelsang, Đurišić-Mladenović, Živančev and Mutavdžić Pavlović
4 Risk and Risk Assessment Vogelsang, Martinez-Lopez, Garcia Fernandez, Papa, Bertanza, Tawfic Ahmed
5 Conventional wastewater treatment in wastewater treatment plants Langenhoff, Helmreich, Carballa and Vogelsang
6 Advanced treatment options Vogelsang, Mascolo, Meriç, Lofrano, Schröder, Helmreıch, Emre, Brnardic and Contreras
7 Assessing treatment impact Papa, Bertanza, Vogelsang and Meriç
8 Fate of organic micropollutants in sludge Carballa, Healy and Mascolo
9 Modelling Flores Alsina, Pons
10 Decision support systems Comas
11 Concluding remarks Langenhoff, Meriç
12 Case studies Mascolo, Meric, Lofrano, Healy, Papa and Bertanza


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